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Dominic Tyler

England Hockey umpire

I use to make sure I always get to matches on time. It automatically finds travel time for my appointments, so I never need to worry about looking at timetables, maps or my calendar, and it is really easy to customise the travel to and from each match from the notification emails!

Calvin Niles

Speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur

Emma has become an indispensable companion for me in helping me get to where I need to be, when I need to be there, with minimal hassle

Georgios Michalakidis

Managing director

Emma is instrumental in organizing my work and calendar, ensuring my travel plans are seamless and hassle free.

Lucy Morris

Executive Assistant saves me hours every week and helps me to ensure there is never a mistake made when I am planning travel.

Dr Chloe Sharp

Managing Director has been a really useful tool for me the past few months. It's saved me time and effort in organising my travel arrangements through my Google calendar.

Patrick Dufresne

Chief of Staff to CTO

Finally someone came up with a good solution accounting for travel time in my calendar! is onto something!

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