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Avoid scheduling errors identifies events that overlap or don’t have enough travel time planned

Travel plans in one place adds key travel information in your calendar so you and your colleagues can see the full picture, all in one place.

Buffer time

Add buffer time to your travel

Automatically include some extra time before your appointments so you save time to plan ahead

Receive a full daily itinerary every morning

Your daily schedule for the day ahead, delivered direct to your inbox


Coming soon

Be aware of potential upcoming disruptions monitors your schedule for any potential travel disruptions and notifies you

Coming soon

Get international travel advice provides latest travel advice including safety, health, immigration and travel warnings.

Find out the best way to travel, every time compares different transport modes and recommends the best for you based on your personal preferences


Never travel alone is always online: web, email and chatbot

Be organised and productive can automatically perform a range of tasks such as following up invitees on your behalf

Analyse how you spend your time measures how you spend your time so you can compare and improve.

Integrations integrates with popular services to make your day. More integrations are planned. Would you like to see something else here? Please let us know .

Google Calendar
Office 365 Coming soon
Skype Coming soon
Facebook Messenger Coming soon
Zoom Coming soon

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We are still learning and gathering feedback to shape into the assistant you deserve. Here is what we have planned for you. Would you like to see something else?
Please send us your suggestions .

Flight tracking

Automatic flight detection and retrieval of flight information and any changes

Your own meeting page

A way for you to invite others to request a meeting with you, complete with travel features

Team awareness

Find out where your team members are so you know when to contact them and when to meet

Meeting and travel habits

More stats and trends about who you meet, when you go and where you travel.

What’s the weather?

Weather forecasts included in your daily itineraries. Will you take the taxi instead of walking? Do you need an umbrella?

Book your travel

We are bringing in travel booking options for a range of travel modes.

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