We believe that everyone deserves a travel assistant ✊

Our mission is to give everyone access to their own personal travel assistant so they never travel alone again. Travel with Emma.ai and enjoy the journey.

We created Emma.ai after a scheduling error ruined the day. We missed an important event because we did not plan enough travel time. This could have easily have been avoided. We could not justify hiring a personal assistant. Existing software tools did not offer any help. This made us wonder: “is there another way to do this?”.

We launched Emma.ai Alpha in 2017 and we received a great response and amazing feedback. After squashing hundreds of bugs and doing lots of improvements we released Emma.ai Beta but we are still working, learning and collecting feedback. If you have any suggestions please contact us .

Core Values

We have adopted four simple but powerful values to deliver our vision

Focus on the user

We work towards giving the user a better day, everyday. We work to delight the customer and understand that the rest will follow naturally.

Listen to all ideas

We consider everyone’s view. We encourage sharing ideas and welcome all forms of feedback. We say what we think and respect what others think. We don’t keep anything to ourselves.

Have fun in heart and mind

We are on a joint mission. We are passionate about changing the future of travel. We enjoy what we do and are optimistic “doers”. We have fun in everything we do.

Keep it simple

We know that there is a simple solution to every challenge that we face. We make sure that we think carefully before we do - but we try not to overthink – faster is better than slow. We ship it, simply.

Meet the founders

Meet the team that’s delivering Emma.ai

Aaron has a passion for solving everyday problems by using technology in new ways. He has worked on numerous start-ups and has delivered two exits. His background is computer science where he holds a bachelor, masters and doctorate degree. Aaron enjoys travelling to new places which has taken him snowboarding and avoiding bears in Canada, to tracking wild tigers in the depths of the jungle in India.

Aaron Mason

(BSc, MSc, PhD)
Founder and CEO

Alexander is an experienced software developer with the ability to turn any technical brief into a working solution. He is our technical lead and works around the clock to make Emma.ai better. Alexander enjoys travelling to the world’s most interesting cities and also going on retreats to perfect his yoga poses.

Alexander Chervinsky

Co-Founder and CTO

Kristy is dedicated to bringing Emma.ai to life as a quality product that works. She has a background in research, teaching and software development. There is no bug that can escape Kristy’s skills and determination.

Kristy Siu

Software Developer

Join the team

Are you passionate about making travel better? Are you interested in joining our team and helping us achieve our mission? Please apply.

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Dominic Tyler

England Hockey umpire

I use Emma.ai to make sure I always get to matches on time. It automatically finds travel time for my appointments, so I never need to worry about looking at timetables, maps or my calendar, and it is really easy to customise the travel to and from each match from the notification emails!

Calvin Niles

Speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur

Emma has become an indispensable companion for me in helping me get to where I need to be, when I need to be there, with minimal hassle

Georgios Michalakidis

Managing director

Emma is instrumental in organizing my work and calendar, ensuring my travel plans are seamless and hassle free.

Lucy Morris

Executive Assistant

Emma.ai saves me hours every week and helps me to ensure there is never a mistake made when I am planning travel.

Dr Chloe Sharp

Managing Director

Emma.ai has been a really useful tool for me the past few months. It's saved me time and effort in organising my travel arrangements through my Google calendar.

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